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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (10/03/2014). Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Holiday 2014)

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Product Merchant Price Status Last Updated
Amazon 69.89 In Stock 05-22 12:48:52
Walmart Backordered 09-29 11:28:32
Gamestop 19.99 Backordered 09-21 03:04:42
Amazon 244.99 In Stock 05-22 12:42:48
Gamestop Backordered 09-11 03:22:08
Best Buy 99.99 Not Available 04-22 04:26:14
Amazon 26.00 In Stock 05-22 12:42:46
Gamestop 39.99 In Stock 09-21 03:05:11
Best Buy 39.99 In Stock 09-18 12:24:45
Amazon 28.41 In Stock 05-22 12:42:46
Best Buy 59.99 In Stock 09-27 01:37:20
Gamestop 49.97 Backordered 09-21 03:05:10
Walmart 84.00 Backordered 10-24 03:40:59
Gamestop Backordered 09-11 03:21:41
Amazon 119.97 In Stock 05-22 12:42:48
Gamestop 29.99 Backordered 09-21 03:05:08
Best Buy 23.99 Not Available 01-27 10:03:00
Amazon 323.67 In Stock 05-22 12:42:49
Gamestop Backordered 09-11 03:22:09
Amazon 249.85 In Stock 05-22 12:42:50
Gamestop Backordered 09-19 16:13:36
Best Buy 174.99 Not Available 02-06 19:24:05
Gamestop Backordered 09-19 16:07:49
Gamestop Backordered 09-19 16:28:55
Gamestop Backordered 09-11 03:21:41
Walmart 369.00 In Stock 10-21 01:54:49

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